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  • 5 possible problems when trading from a virtual server

    Virtual Servers are a hot topic – especially for trading. Colocation at an exchange location is expensive – very expensive - and often done under quite complicated commercial contracts. A virtual … more

  • Our Infrastructure in 2014-q4 - Software

    Our own journey into automated trading started some years ago and at this time we were doing the same thing many other people do, just instead of being a lonely developer, we started with a company … more

  • Trading Simulator Requirements for Backtesting

    Back testing and optimization of trading strategies is a wide topic and a lot has been written about different approaches of how to successfully develop trading strategies. Very little seems to be … more

  • Technical Risk. Are you prepared for a disaster?

    Fresh from the press. Hard to imagine, but reality - right as I type this from a remote workstation virtual workstation (I am out travelling on a tablet) most of my companies infrastructure is down. … more