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  • The Trade-Robots State of Affairs 2015-04

    End of April 2014 – and we are seriously behind in our plans. Time for another update. Generally, we are in full swing with our new trading infrastructure and reworking some other parts of the … more

  • The Trade-Robots Situation Update Christmas 2014

    A regular update is something that any blog should have – especially one that has been fallen to inactivity in the recent path. There are many reasons for this,. But they all run around a limited … more

  • Investing into a trading program - things to consider

    Investing into a trading strategy is not always easy. An investor must judge the trading strategy against his own mental profile, and he must be able to come up with a realistic expectations. The … more

  • Trading as part of an investment strategy

    Investing funds into trading – either directly with a trader, or by renting strategies or investing into a larger trading fund – can be a viable diversification of an investment program. A small … more