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  • 3.25 reasons to trade with investor funds

    Any aspiring and developing trader will have a need for additional funds. There are many people working on automated trading strategies that lack the funds to fully trade them. In the last post we … more

  • 4 reasons to not accept other peoples money

    OPM – Other People’s Money. A big discussion among strategy developers. There are many out there that are unserious and when you look for “rent a strategy” on the internet, many programmers are … more

  • Advantages of Automated Trading Systems

    Day traders love to make a trash talk about automated robots. I have a feeling that they see only disadvantages of this approach. Spreading the word that automatic trading is not working. Here, at … more

  • Does your strategy know when the market closes?

    There is one very important automated trading system that is often overlooked: the management of trading hours. I get the impression quite often that possible variations in trading times get … more