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  • The GPU in Risk Management - Monte Carlo on Steroids

    A Graphical Processing Unit – in short GPU – has a lot of processor cores and a lot more processing power than a typical CPU. Using it in risk management can bring great rewards – but is it feasible? … more

  • Analysing a backtest - 6 critical things to look for

    A backtest is only the beginning of strategy development. Backtest results must be carefully validated to make sure they are realistic. Not every big profit shown in a backtest is realistic. There … more

  • Investing into a trading program - things to consider

    Investing into a trading strategy is not always easy. An investor must judge the trading strategy against his own mental profile, and he must be able to come up with a realistic expectations. The … more

  • From backtest result to statistically expectable PNL

    Interpreting the result of a backtest correctly is complicated. Most strategy developers never master the simple basic rules of statistics, simply interpreting numbers they do not understand. They … more

  • Volatility and high volume - is your trading framework prepared?

    Strategies that work fine during more quiet market times may fail during high volatility. Not because they fail as strategies – but because their underlying infrastructure cannot handle the load of … more

  • Futures vs Forex - what is better to trade?

    Most people that start trading today do so trading Forex. Forex is dominant in marketing, especially outside the USA. When one is running a trading floor, most applicants will have done some forex … more

  • Trading as part of an investment strategy

    Investing funds into trading – either directly with a trader, or by renting strategies or investing into a larger trading fund – can be a viable diversification of an investment program. A small … more

  • Exchange Colocation - worth it or not?

    Automated trading requires a server, and it often makes sense to collocate it. Even discretionary traders these days can rely on certain automation that may be better off on a server. Tools like … more

  • Scam Strategy Providers - 8 warning signs

    Do you buy or rent strategies from a provider? Do you plan doing so? Tons of emails are sent every day where companies market the last and best strategy. Make Money Now. Easy. Second income. Scam. … more

  • The Nanex data feed - a honest review

    Trading needs data. There are many data providers. Nanex is unique. Nanex is also not a widely supported provider – you do not find them in any retail commercial software that I know of – with a good … more