Strategy Development takes a passion for finance, some solid mathematical background and - if it is to be done properly - an in depth knowledge of computer programming. There is a big difference between sitting down and getting some positive numbers in a backtest and having a solid strategy that not only has a consistent expectation but is also optimized and tested in various market edge cases. is the strategy development service of NetTecture Thomas Tomiczek - an  IT computer consultancy. Which means we know computer programming in more detail than many other signal providers. We have a passion for finance, and started strategy development and trading some years ago. And we have decided to make our strategies available for third parties -  because after years of development we have a lot more through testing than we have capital to trade.

Years ago we decided to move away from standard retail packages and started to develop our own platform. Together with some external we have created the Reflexo Trading Framework - a .NET based strategy development and execution platform. We trade futures (on the CME) and are expanding now into Forex.

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