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Analysing Backtests - what to look for in a Simulation Result

Not all strategies are good. Profits alone are not an indicator for a stable strategy – only for one that has ultimately a profit. There are important factors in judging a strategy – more important … more

The Trade-Robots State of Affairs 2015-04

End of April 2014 – and we are seriously behind in our plans. Time for another update. Generally, we are in full swing with our new trading infrastructure and reworking some other parts of the … more

Trading Strategy, Instance and Portfolio - the Differences explained

What is an automated trading strategy? Different developers use different definitions. Some say that a strategy is trading one signal or setup, some combine multiple setups. Some have a few … more

Trading in C# - Writing a multi strategy server

Writing a trading infrastructure in C# requires a multitude of decisions – as well as using some of the less known interfaces of the .NET framework. In this post, we talk of the general architecture … more - a serious trading business or a criminal scam? - Some offers sound too good to be true, and once you read them alarm bells should be ringing. They may be – or have a very strong logical argument behind them – to be a total scam. I … more

The Trade-Robots Situation Update Christmas 2014

A regular update is something that any blog should have – especially one that has been fallen to inactivity in the recent path. There are many reasons for this,. But they all run around a limited … more

Trading is like playing Golf

Trading is one of the hardest things to do. It is comparable to Golf – a sport which many (that never tried it) consider to be quite easy. Like trading. But that at the end is one of the hardest … more

9 Steps to program profitable trading strategies

Programming a profitable trading strategy is not trivial. It is also not particularly hard – at least the programming part. We develop hundreds of setups that have a statistically proven significance … more

Our Forex account is open with Oanda

Trade-Robots is going Forex – and it likely will even be the first market we trade our new trading agent with real money. We have finally decided to go with Oanda, which has a nice HTTP based API. … more

Trading with the Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Standard indicators, like the Relative Strength Index, are valuable tools in trading. They allow to measure and quantify price movements. The RSI puts a closing price in relation to the prices in the … more