Amazing week - more than 100 ready to trade setups

That was an amazing last week. Ever since we did fix our data issue - some ticks being replayed with 10 times the value they should have - we have focused on re-validating that the setups we did have ready were indeed so. And ran a complete optimization and validation cycle on all the failing markets for those setups.

Sometimes bad ticks have bad consequences

A bad price at 10 times the value has bad consequences - not only for the core simulation (which may get stopped out with a ridiculous price) but also for the indicators involved. The result - a lot of the invalidate setups suddenly started to work.

Naturally - more development work helped

Because our developers were not stopping more work was done. And core functionality improved.

The result: 107 ready to trade setups

Amazing how in a short time frame we went from 65 to 107. Time to move forward now - and work on the new trading agent so we can put that number actually to productive use.